Rowan Rugby Player Excelling Off the Field

MejiaSenior flanker, James Mejia, is continuing the tradition of Profs dominating off the field as he embarks this summer on a prestigious internship.

He  will be participating in the Jackson Laboratory Summer Student Program in Bar Harbor, Maine, a 10-week summer research program along with 33 other undergraduate and high school students. The Jackson Laboratory is a private biomedical research institute with a focus on genetics and genomics. This program includes a stipend and covers all expenses including room, board and travel. He will be investigating his own personal research in addition to the research he will be conducting under his principal investigator, Dr. Ron Korstanje. Under the mentorship of Dr. Korstanje, he will be researching the effect caloric restriction has on the health of the kidneys in mice, and its relation to kidney disease. In doing so, he will be learning and preforming a wide variety of techniques that will help him test this hypothesis.

Congratulations to James on earning this terrific internship!